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Real Canadian Nature

As a husband-and-wife team of wildlife photographers, our
passion is to educate and inspire people to reconnect with nature through our lenses. Our stylish Canadian-made “wearable works of art & accessories” features our beautiful wildlife images and scenes of nature.  

Our vision of finding better solutions that support mental
health and protect the environment is the foundation behind our mission of "giving back to nature" by supporting conservation and wildlife rehabilitation programs with our proceeds. Nature is our therapy, and our goal is to help people reconnect with nature, not only for its amazing beauty but also for the wonderful therapeutic value it has to offer. Our hope is that the more people enjoy seeing and being surrounded by nature, that the more they too will benefit while helping look after what nature has to offer.

We believe every effort makes a difference and invite you to
join us in being a part of that difference!

- Keltie & Stan

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Preserving Nature is at the heart of every photo

Stan & Keltie


Like you, we appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer and we want to make sure that the wildlife images we capture and the environment it lives in, is around for future generations.
You can feel good about your purchase knowing that a portion of all sales will be donated to organizations that rehabilitate and preserve wildlife.

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