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Article: Canadian Sustainable Clothing Line Built from Resilience

Canadian Sustainable Clothing Line Built from Resilience

Canadian Sustainable Clothing Line Built from Resilience

When the gift of nature keeps on giving – how a grieving mother found peace after the tragedy, created her dream life and launched a sustainable clothing line.

Nature had always played a major role in Keltie Masters’ life. Growing up, she found solace in the quietness and peace of the birds, trees and babbling streams, while escaping the violence and abuse of alcoholism in her family.

As her life unfolded, she married, had 2 beautiful children but after an accident at work, that left her husband handicapped, he could not cope and took his own life, leaving Keltie and their children to find their own way.

Keltie once again, turned to nature to provide answers to unspoken questions & shattered dreams.

Her late husband’s friend, Stan became her own friend, and as the friendship turned to romance and love, they both gravitated towards the natural world.  Stan with his love of cooking, which had his crews on the oil rigs devouring everything he presented to them, and then later photography, and Keltie through her love of nature and preserving memories, together they’ve followed their passions.


Both Keltie and Stan know that the preservation of the natural environment is key to the sustainability of wildlife. So, they’ve now produced a range of beautiful garments featuring their amazing wildlife photography and are donating a portion of the proceeds to various organizations that rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife.

Keltie says “We spent a lot of time resourcing a company that could reproduce our images on quality products that we would be proud to offer. We are happy to say we have finally found such a Canadian company that does just that!

Local boutiques and bigger stores are clamoring for their garments, so watch for them in a store near you soon, or visit the online shop

Keltie says – “getting back to nature is the perfect antidote to busy urban life, where you can barely hear the birds sing or the leaves rustle. Wildlife such as rare birds, majestic great gray owls, foxes and even black bears are the natural consequence of pristine habitat, all of which must be preserved for future generations to enjoy.”

Stan says – “photography is the perfect way to preserve the legacy we are leaving.  We’re dedicated to sharing the beauty of nature through our lenses and to help educate people the importance of preserving the amazing wildlife all around us.  Every effort makes a difference, and we want to invite people to join us in being a part of that difference.”

If you would like more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Keltie Masters at

Visit Keltie & Stan’s Back to Nature Photography website Back to Nature Photography 

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